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The “ODC Suspension Milano Tracker’ shock absorbers are the best upgrade possible to be installed on Harley Davidson’s motorbikes to increase the driving feeling and the response of the anterior part of the bike. This product is the result of many in-depth studies, down to the last detail, on technical components and on used materials. The body is completely made of aluminum, extremely light and very strong, machined from solid with CNC production. The spring is a fundamental component in the cushioning phase, the “ODC Suspension Milano Tracker” shock absorbers incorporate springs produced by Eibach based on technical advice by ODC Suspension. There are two different adjustments: first one, the regulation preloaded spring by the ring and the second one, the rebound adjustment using the register knob of the return brake. Finding the perfect adjustment is simple and immediate and it allows you to have a tailored answer at any need. It also has an anodized and shiny gloss black trim.