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The ODC Suspension Monza shock absorbers are the top of the range and represent the best performing solution on Harley Davidson. The quality of the details and finishes is raised to the extreme, as well as the materials used. The body is made entirely of aluminum, which allows you to get a very low weight compared to common shock absorbers, made entirely from solid with CNC machining. The separate tank keeps the nitrogen separate from the body of the shock, where it accumulates more heat generated by the work of the suspension and that compromises the performance of compression of the shock in case of intense stress. Furthermore, the subdivision of the load of a cushioning between two circuits, in the body of the shock absorber and in the tank, generally makes the shock less rigid, especially in the case of rapid compression. The shock absorber spring is made by the Performance department of Eibach on technical specifications of ODC Suspension. The Monza ODCs with Piggyback allow an absolute regulation thanks to the 3 possible settings: spring preload adjustment, extension register and compression register. Available with anodized gloss black finish or with Diamond Like Carbon treatment.